Included With Your Exclusive License

Exclusive Lucky Buys Yucky Houses Brand License:

All home sellers who contact Lucky Buys Yucky Houses? though our vanity phone number, (800) 22-LUCKY, our website at or your personal Lucky Buys Yucky Houses? webpage are routed directly to you.

Exclusive Access to Lucky Buys Yucky Houses:

TV Commercials and Infomercial, Billboards, Postcards, Bandit Signs, Business Cards, Door Hangers, Car Magnets, Flyers and all other branded marketing materials. Everything you could ever need to separate yourself and your business from the "We Buy Houses" crowd.

License Only Templates:

Prefer to use your own printer? No problem. You'll have full access to a private page where you can download any Lucky Buys Yucky Houses templates you may need.

Lucky Buys Yucky Houses Clothing:

Present the professional image that makes sellers comfortable with you, plus generate motivated seller leads throughout your workdays with our branded clothing. This could be as simple as standing in line at the store and having a motivated seller see your shirt and strike up a conversation.

Use of Our Private Media Buying Agency:

Buying TV commercial spots from major networks isn't for the faint of heart or inexperienced. Our company does it all for you and you get the benefit (at no extra charge) of over a decade of experience in buying TV time exclusively for real estate investors and professionals. They know when and where to run your spots to generate the most qualified and profitable motivated seller leads.

Private Access to Our National Vendor List:

Vendors know we're a national brand and they want our business. We get good pricing and reliable service, which is very rare. Vendors that provide our marketing materials put us at the top of their customer list because we do such a high volume, which means things are done right the first time. In the unlikely event that they're not, they fix it. You don't get this on your own. There's power in numbers and we give you that. This saves you time, money and frustration.